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PRE INCA-HERITAGE $55 / per person


4 Hours


Lima, the capital city of Peru, has a rich history that dates to pre-Columbian times, and it can be noticed by the number of archaeological sites and pre-inca museum there are. Lima preserves 15% of all Peru’s ancient sites. The area was inhabited by various indigenous groups such as the Ychsma and the Chancay, then Incas conquered the region in the 15th century and established a settlement called Rimaq. This settlement served as a trading center for goods from the Andean highlands and the coast.

On this tour we will you will be told about the first civilizations of Peru, which dates more than 5 000 years of history and the different achievements.

The first place to visit will be “Huaca Pucllana”, is an archaeological site located in Miraflores district. It was built by the ancient Lima ancient civilization around 100 AD (nearly contemporary with the emerged of the Mayans in Mexico in 200 B.C.) and served as a ceremonial and administrative center for over 700 years. One of the most striking features of Huaca Pucllana is its main building, which stands at 85 feet tall and is made up of seven-staggered platforms. The construction of the site involved the use of millions of adobes (mud bricks), which were shaped by hand and then dried in the sun. It is surrounded by smaller structures and courtyards, and it covers an area of approximately 6 hectares. They were engaged in agriculture, livestock, fishing, and shellfish harvest. Its pottery was used for various domestic and religious uses.

The second place to visit will be: “Larco Museum” (a must-see), the «Larco Family» was originally from Italy, once they arrived in Peru, bought some farmlands in the northern coast of Peru, the farmland area had many burial sites from the pre-Columbian period, one of the sons dedicated almost all his life to research, preserve and classify pottery, textile, gold and silver objects. Housed in a former mansion, surrounded by beautiful gardens. Founded in 1926, the Larco Museum showcases remarkable chronological galleries providing an excellent overview on 3000 years of development of Peruvian pre-Columbian history, surrounded by beautiful gardens, the museum is housed in an 18th century colonial mansion. Pre-Columbian gold and silver artefacts fascinate us because of their beauty, size, form, and brightness. The history about gold and silver from Ancient Peru is way different from other cultures because they did not use these metals to purchase things, they were loaded with a symbolism that we might not understand. Textiles provide the mirror in which the economic, social, political, and religious development of every culture of ancient Peru is reflected.


The Tour includes the following:

  • Hotel/Accomodation Pick up & Drop off  (Miraflores, San Isidro & Barranco)
  • Private Transport
  • English speaking Guide
  • Entrance tickets.
  • Snack (Lucuma Mousse).
  • Maximum 8 people on each tour. (We can customize tours for more than 8 people)

Price: (Min. 2 people)



For a private tour, the price is 65 USD per person (Min. 2 people).

Pre Inca Heritage Tour
Peru Cusco Lima Tours
Peru Cusco Lima Tours
Peru Cusco Lima Tours
Peru Cusco Lima Tours
Larco Museum
Peru Cusco Lima Tours
Larco Museum
Peru Cusco Lima Tours




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